Are you looking to save more money on your energy and heating bills next year? Then you’ll want to consider investing in a heat pump. This appliance can multiply your energy system from an input of a single kilowatt to an output of 3.8 kilowatts. By harvesting the energy from sunlight and open air to heat your home’s water supply, you can significantly reduce your annual energy consumption.
Eastern Suburbs Solar has years of experience at distributing top-brand solar technology, making it easier for our clients to harness thermal energy from the surrounding environment. Our heat pumps provide renewable energy as opposed to the limited reserves of fossil fuels or direct daily access to sunlight.

We install the following brands:

  • Reclaim REHP-315GL-CO2
  • Sanden 315 or 300 Eco
  • Enviroheat 200 & 250L

Hot Water Heat Pumps

Whether you own a new home that needs a proper installation or an older house that needs its electric water heater replaced, Eastern Suburbs is the brand to visit. We deliver Chromagen and Tivok hot water heat pumps, which are guaranteed to reduce your carbon footprint and are eligible for Government Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). These pumps, unlike other solar technology, do not require the placement of rooftop collectors to create a renewable energy supply.

They come in various sizes to meet the household or building demand. Heat Pumps are very viable for Commercial installations such as Hotels, Apartment blocks, Hospitals, etc.


  • Modern and stylish appearance suits current contemporary home design
  • A one-piece streamlined shape incorporates a top-mounted compressor
  • Compact footprint for installation flexibility
  • A tank-wrapped condenser coil prevents water contamination
  • Built-in frost protection mode protects the condenser from icing
  • 25 Pa air outlet pressure enables ducted flueing up to 5 meters in length
  • Power outage memory^
  • Auto-disinfection function prevents the growth of bacteria and legionella^
  • Vacation mode^
  • Top in-out flueing^
  • Outdoor LCD screen cover^

^Applicable to HP280 model only

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