We have a range of batteries of different sizes depending on power requirements. The Enphase AC Battery is an excellent battery to retrofit where a small amount of battery storage is required.

Battery systems include:

  • Enphase AC
  • Alpha-ESS
  • LG Chem
  • BYD
  • Sonnen
  • Others on request.

We can also have the large Tesla Powerwall battery installed. Different batteries suit different situations and power requirements. Our approach is to consult and recommend what we consider is the best battery for the site.


Every now and then a product comes along that changes everything! The Enphase AC Battery is arguably the most compelling and technologically advanced residential energy solution in the world today allowing a homeowner to begin storing their generated solar at the most cost effective point of entry due to its modular design.

  • Easier to install
  • Safest
  • Flexible: Can be added to any system – Inverter/panels
  • Modular: can add more modules later
  • 10 year warranty – @ two charges per day!
  • Includes monitor to activate during Peak Power times
  • Can be re-charged at night at off-peak rates ready for breakfast
  • High performance
  • Lowest lifetime cost.

It is arguably the safest, most flexible and best performing battery in the home energy storage market. It is also easier to install, longer warranty (7300 cycles), cheaper, starting at $3,643 for the first module with communicator and made in USA (double the warranty of some systems.

Up until this Battery arrived, existing batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall or Z-Cell (which we can also arrange) would take many years for most households to get a payback as they need an extra hybrid Inverter/charger and the installed cost has been from $12,500 – $25,500. The cost would increase even more if your home has an older incompatible inverter setup. This isn’t an issue with Enphase’s incredibly compatible AC Battery which can be used with any solar panel or Inverter.

You can start with one Enphase AC module (1.2kw) @ $3,643 fully installed and add more at a later date.

The number of modules you would need depends on a number of variables, such as:

1.     How much you are generating from roof?
2.     How much power you are using per day?
3.     What sort of appliances you have, e.g. pool, AC, freezers?
4.     Your lifestyle – who  is at home during the day/power usage during day?


A significant amount of power is used for electric hot water heating and then within home from 5-10pm daily – so any power saved during this Peak Power period (usually 2-8pm) times the rate you are paying (42c–58c) can be very significant. The batteries can be set to provide power in Peak period (2-8pm). During this time, if sun is out and panels are generating power you will use that power generated from the roof and surplus power will automatically charge the battery – and back and forth if roof power is intermittent.

 These batteries can be charged twice a day so if you use some power and then your roof panels resume generating power the battery/ies will re-charge to full capacity. They can also be charged at night from cheaper (10-14c) Off Peak power and the batteries can be used early mornings before roof panels are generating. So you can get 2.4kw per module per day.

We like the technology and quality of these batteries – and Enphase are an excellent US company and very well represented here in Australia. See the link: https://enphase.com/en-au/products-and-services/storage

Price depends on where they are located and distance to meter box and whether a separate housing is required and/or a separate Isolator and Surge protector. From $4,648.

Manufactured from the highest quality Japanese-made Lithium Ion Phosphate cells safety-tested and certified by TUV Rheinland. This technology is considered to be more reliable than Lithium Ion.

Simple to install – AC power connects to your meter box
Installing an AC Battery circuit is literally as easy as running a 4mm 2 circuit to an AC Isolator. Must be installed under cover.

Ideal for retrofits
The AC Battery can be fitted to any type of existing AC or DC solar system without requiring the installer to modify (and take responsibility for) the existing system. DOES NOT REQUIRE A (HYBRID) INVERTER. 

Flexible & Modular
Start with one Module and add more later. Expanding the AC Battery system from a minimum of 1.2 kWh to tens of kWh is as easy as hanging another battery on the wall and looping the AC wiring across to it.

High Performing 96% vs 92.5%
Warranted for 2 cycles per day and faster payback; 95% depth of discharge with minimum residual capacity of 80% after 10 years.  (96.9% vs Tesla 92.5%)

Lowest lifetime cost
Priced from $3,643 for the first module including communicator, the module will recharge and can be used twice per day. With warranty of 7300 cycles allows 2 cycles per day for 10 years.

This battery is a workhorse that will outlast most other products on the market.

PRICED: includes AC Battery Module(s), wall mount (timber or brick), Envoy-S Communicator, fully installed by Certified Electrician.

1 battery installed       1.2kWh            $3,643 includes Envoy-S communication and monitoring

2 batteries installed    2.4kWh            $5,500

3 batteries installed    3.6kWh            $7,995

4 batteries installed    4.8kWh            $9,500

Addition modules after first module: $2,965 ea. Incl GST installed.

How much electricity does my home use?

Common household electricity consumption:

Flat Screen TV 0.1 kWh /hr

Lights Per Room 0.1 kWh /hr

Laptop 0.05 kWh /hr

Refrigerator 1.6 kWh /day

Clothes Washer 2.3 kWh each use

Clothes Dryer 3.3 kWh each use

 Solar electricity for Peak power time, at night and in morning (charge overnight)

Enphase AC  is a battery that charges using surplus electricity generated from solar panels during the day and makes it available to your home in the evening.  It can be set up to recharge from grid overnight at cheap rates and has power available in morning before sun gets up to activate your panels.

Go net zero

Combine solar panels and one or more Enphase batteries to power your home independently from the utility grid. A net zero energy rating means that your home produces as much energy as it consumes, but is still connected to the utility grid for periods of high demand.

Emergency backup

In the event of a utility outage, Enphase can power your entire home or select appliances with an uninterrupted supply of electricity.


Enphase lithium ion phosphate battery will power your home safely and economically. Completely automated, it installs easily and requires no maintenance. Guaranteed for 7300 cycles (10 years).

How it Works

A typical system includes solar panels, an inverter for converting electricity between direct current and alternating current and it is connected directly to your meter box.

Panels convert sunlight into electricity and surplus power during the day charges the Enphase battery. At a preset time, the batteries will power your home during Peak Power time in the afternoon / evening (usually 2pm – 8pm).  When discharged to 95% the power will revert to the grid supply and at night, you can recharge your batteries from the grid with cheap power to have it ready for breakfast before the sun gets up. You can therefore reduce time of use power bills by strategically shifting energy consumption.

Enphase AC Battery

The home battery is charged with surplus electricity generated by solar panels or from the utility grid.

Comparison between Tesla and Enphase AC. Tesla is an excellent product and well promoted so we include comparisons, but please contact us if you want comparison chart of other available battery systems as we have three other batteries which are 5-10kW storage capacity.

Backup panel and switch

Some backup installations may require a secondary electrical panel containing the critical appliances and outlets you wish to back up. An electrical switch automatically activates the backup panel during a power company outage.

When installed with solar, this switch can keep your solar producing during an outage. Backup is an optional feature when installing to maximize solar or shift energy consumption.

More information can be viewed at: https://enphase.com/en-au/products-and-services/storage

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